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Election Opinion Poll Closed.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our opinion poll. Please click here for the results. A new opinion poll will be added soon.

In the run up to the general election weve seen many opinion polls, poll trackers and polls of polls. We look forward to the race to declare the first seat, John Snows Swingometer, the debate about what each early declaration will mean and the resulting, often comical, visual representations of how the new parliament will look.

Or maybe we dont. With turnout for the last election a record low, it seems voter apathy has really set in. Wed like to see that trend reversed and hope with our opinion poll, we can engage just a few more people in the debate and perhaps move you to vote on May 5th.

This completely independent opinion poll, organised by web site design and software company astutech ltd, is just for good measure and has no party political agenda. However, we do believe that web technology is under utilised by the political community and that the Internet will one day offer you a chance to vote from your PC. Do you have an opinion on this?

The election opinion poll is now closed  please click here for the results.

Note: This is not an official UK Parliament web site. Please click for parliament.uk, or visit our useful election links page for other parliament, government and election 2005 web sites.

Naturally wed also like to show off our online website software. Click here for more about this web site.

Your issues

Economy, Health, Education, Crime, Environment, Taxation, Pensions, Europe, Families, Transport, Terrorism, Iraq War, Immigration, The Countryside, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Your choices

Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Plaid Cymru, Respect, Scottish National Party (SNP), UK Independence Party (UKIP), Veritas, More...

Your vote counts!
Sorry, our online election poll is now closed.
Please click here for the results.

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