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We believe that your opinion is important and expect the political establishment to be interested in your views. Therefore, following the general and local elections on May 5th, we will supply the results of this poll to every MP, Euro and Regional parliament members and every local and parish councillor in the UK. We hope and trust they will read and take note of your views.


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This web site was conceived during an MSN conversation one afternoon and was up, running and receiving your votes the next day. The site was created using astutech’s wordserver™ 2.0 software and the forthcoming free upgrade, a simple to use but sophisticated polling feature for use on wordserver™ web sites.

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Please see our main web site for more information on wordserver™ 2.0 and more examples of websites built using the system.

Web site design software, wordserver™ 2.0, was created to meet the demand for an easy to use, low cost web site solution which provides professional, effective results while placing control back in your hands – eliminating forever the cost of maintenance.

And it’s become so successful astutech now uses wordserver™ 2.0 for all its new web site design projects.

The software is suitable for a broad range of web site projects including business, politics and charities. A few of our brand new sites can be viewed below:

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