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General Election 2005 Opinion Poll Results

These results are not scientific and were collected from both selected and random respondents during the week to 5th May. They are intended to produce a snapshot of public opinion from web users in the run-up to the General Election and may not reflect the actual results of the election.

1. Do you intend to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th 2005?
Total Votes Cast: 159
Yes: 89.94%
No, I am not interested in voting: 3.77%
No, None of the candidates supports my views and beliefs: 2.52%
No, voting is a waste of time it never changed anything!: 1.89%
No, The UK 'first past the post' system is inherently unfair!: 1.26%

2. If you are voting Ė which party will you vote for in the election?
Total Votes Cast: 152

Liberal Democrat: 31.58%
Labour: 29.61%
Conservative: 28.29%
Green Party: 3.95%
Respect: 1.97%
Other: 1.97%
UK Independence Party: 1.32%

3. Which of the following party leaders do you rate highest?
Total Votes Cast: 153
Charles Kennedy: 43.79%
Tony Blair: 32.68%
Michael Howard: 22.88%

4. Of the three main parties, which do you trust most with the Economy?
Total Votes Cast: 149
Labour: 49.66%
Conservative: 30.87%
Liberal Democrat: 18.79%

5. Of the three main parties, which has the best policy on Taxation?
Total Votes Cast: 148
Liberal Democrat: 44.59%
Conservative: 31.76%
Labour: 22.97%



6. Of the three main parties, which has the best policy on the NHS?
Total Votes Cast: 147
Labour: 42.18%
Liberal Democrat: 30.61%
Conservative: 26.53%

7. Of the three main parties, which has the best policy on Education?
Total Votes Cast: 145
Liberal Democrat: 40.00%
Labour: 30.34%
Conservative: 28.97%

8. Of the three main parties, which has the best policy on Crime?
Total Votes Cast: 143
Conservative: 41.96%
Liberal Democrat: 28.67%
Labour: 28.67%

9. Of the three main parties, which has the best policy on Europe?
Total Votes Cast: 143
Liberal Democrat: 37.76%
Conservative: 31.47%
Labour: 28.67%

10. Would you like to see online voting in the next general election?
Total Votes Cast: 156

No, the Internet is not secure and it will always be open to abuse: 35.26%
Yes, it would make it easy for everyone to learn about the key issues and raise turnout: 29.49%
Donít know, Iím worried about security: 16.67%
Yes, it would increase turnout but I prefer to turn up in person: 13.46%
No, this medium discourages real face to face debate on the issues that count: 4.49%

11. If you could elect a non-political personality to be Prime Minister, which of the following would you vote for?
Total Votes Cast: 145

Jamie Oliver: 42.07%
Peter Kay: 31.72%
Stacy from Eastenders: 11.03%
Gerry Halliwell: 4.83%
David Beckham: 4.14%

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